Welcome To The Missing Sock!

This is the first step in fulfilling your in-home organizational needs.

Our Goal

The Missing Sock wants to make your life as smooth as possible by meeting your personal needs in a way that works for your lifestyle. Whether you have an active career or an active toddler, it’s often difficult to find time to do the little things that improve the quality and simplicity of your life.
Perhaps you have the time, but find organizing or planning for things just a bit out of your comfort zone. Whatever the case may be, invite The Missing Sock into your home or office and watch the missing pieces fall into place.

Why Hire an Organizer?

  • Improve efficiency and save time – who doesn’t need more time?
  • Save money by eliminating the late fees caused by lost bills. Avoid buying duplicates of things you may have misplaced.
  • Reclaim that spare bedroom or office that’s been too overwhelming to sort through on your own.
  • Maximize the space in your home.
  • Receive direction on how to remove items from the home that you do not know what to do with.
  • Gain insight into how to not just clean out a space, but maintain it long-term.
  • Even the most organized individual sometimes just needs an extra set of eyes or a fresh perspective.