Closet Re-design

This is a walk in closet that had the square footage necessary to fit the clients’ needs,
but it was lacking functionality. They did not want a complete custom redesign and install
(which was more of a consideration than usual given the low, sloped ceiling), so I designed the
new version using pieces from a large chain store that I could put together myself and arrange to suit their needs.

Garage Organization

This is a very basic garage clean-up, completed in a single 3-hour session. The homeowner had
already enacted some great space saving techniques, such as utilizing the wall space, but had not
kept up with putting things away. I sorted the contents of the garage, and rearranged the space
using things they already owned.

Children’s Room

This is a bedroom shared by two-year old twins. There was ample storage in the room, but it was
not utilized to its fullest. By designating the closet as the girl’s space, and the armoire as
the boy’s space, each child’s clothing and accessories had a specific home. This will also be
helpful later on when the children are old enough to dress themselves (and put their own things away!).
The changing table is still a shared space, but with like items sorted into separate bins. Anything that
no longer belonged in the room was redistributed around the rest of the house, or discarded in an
appropriate manner.

Garage Organization

Linen Closet

Here is the finished product of a linen closet organization. There is no ‘before’ picture, as the closet
was mostly empty. Linens and towels were kept all throughout the house, while the centrally located closet
sat empty. All towels, blankets, linens, etc. were brought up to the linen closet, and excess items were
donated. The remaining items were sorted into piles of like items (king sheets, queen sheets, bath towels,
etc.) and arranged on the shelves. The cleaning supplies were added to the lower shelves because this was a
great central location to keep them, as opposed to a small nook in the bathroom. Many shelves were labeled
to ensure that similar, but different items were not mixed up.

More coming soon!